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Victoria Kjos

     Welcome to India is the result of journals kept during the author's travels throughout India in 2012. Whenever experiencing yet another unique, bizarre, or unexpected experience, "Welcome to India!... Read More

Sandra Lott

Sandra Lott was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and has one sister and two brothers.  She is the author of God's Love, My Father's Eyes: Seeing Yourself through the Father's Eyes, A Princess in Waiting, and children's such as, The Wind has a Voice and How Did He Get in There?  She has studied the Bible... Read More

Alden G. Huffman

Born in Wilmington, DE, on August 12, 1945, just as World War two was ending and, before the Iron Curtain fell.  His parents, were ten years apart in age, were parents unsuitable for the job.  Alden recounts what is was like to grow up in a house that was a truly not a home we all wish for.  

He... Read More

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Unlike other speakers bureaus, TSB has experienced agents that creatively pair the right speakers with the right organizations and events. Our roster of speakers can speak on any number of topics ranging from politics, business, international affairs, motivation/inspiration, children and family, religion, healthcare, music, military tactics and much more.

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